Proprietary, real-time tracking system

From Beginning to End Enertia Ensures 100% Asset Recovery and Data Sanitization

With ever increasing security and environmental demands and more stringent compliance and regulatory mandates, it’s not enough to think your ITAD process is secure and sustainable – your company needs to know.

How Enertia Works:

Initial Reconciliation

Upon arrival at your location, U.S. Micro field technicians deploy Enertia to electronically reconcile inventory slated for disposal and provide an initial onsite report to account for all devices. All asset serial numbers are scanned and for those without, barcodes are created for each piece of equipment scheduled for removal. This ensures correct identification of hardware throughout the ITAD process and establishes an accurate audit trail. Any deviations are immediately escalated, researched and resolved onsite so that missing assets can be located, ensuring 100 percent recovery.

Data Sanitization

An end to end audit tracks the process. With the Enertia technology, hard drive and asset serial numbers are once again checked; a timestamp of the wipe start and end time and verification of success is all electronically stored. The electronic wipe verification helps eliminate human error ensuring data is wiped.

Final Inventory

After the data wipe process is complete, Enertia produces a final, system-generated real-time report documenting data sanitization and accounting for each piece of equipment initially inventoried. This report is electronically sent to the customer for review prior to leaving.

Customer Verification / Risk Transfer

A customer signature accepting the final reconciliation before equipment is removed is required. Upon acceptance, the title of equipment and associated risk of loss is transferred to U.S. Micro because of our unique Upfront Purchase Model. Through Enertia, U.S. Micro maintains absolute asset ID custody throughout the process, from initial pickup at your location to shipping and final disposition of assets.