Closed-loop process
enables U.S. Micro to
resell or reuse all IT assets


At U.S. Micro, sustainability is more than a tagline. From refurbishing and reselling – the most sustainable disposition method – to demanufacturing, we offer a full range of recycling alternatives all under one roof. U.S. Micro refurbishes 90 percent of IT equipment processed. The remaining ten percent – obsolete and non-working electronic equipment – is turned into plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals which are recycled for use in new electronics and manufactured goods.

Our closed- loop process eliminates the risk associated with downstream processing vendors. And of course, we strictly maintain a 100 percent no landfill policy. Schedule a visit to U.S. Micro.

Growth of E-Waste

Read about disposal and environmental challenges e-waste is creating – and how U.S. Micro is part of the solution

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End-of-life Security IT Checklist

Important sustainability considerations for your company's IT asset disposition

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Our Process

Learn more about how
U.S. Micro refurbishes or
recycles retired IT assets

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